We are designing, recommending, architecting and building solutions in various sectors either for business, government or NGOs looking to harness the power of Machine Learning into their day to day activities as well as strategic decision support.

NLP Machine Learning


Chief editors are facing a daily challenge to choose topics to cover, select articles for the front page and the most serious question; if their content matches their readers expectations as it evolves on daily basis. Using state of art ML technologies, site admins are required to embed two lines of code javascript into the website header to activate the learning process for their website. Within few days, editorial team becomes able to deeply understand their audience, content and their relatedness to internet buzz.

Science & Research


The viability of most healthcare systems revolves around competent and capable medical providers and a solid financial infrastructure. Both aspects can be irrevocably damaged by fraud, waste, and abuse. Using the ML powered Abuse detection solution, providers can detect fraud or leakages in medical care coverage offers either in time or in historical data.

Science & Research


The aim of this solution is to build a research tool that help thousands of researchers to boost their concurrent research while maintaining integrity. This is done by offering a manual tool to propose, discuss and approve relationships between various concepts and entities entitled by scholars. This to be augmented by AI on various levels to assure integrity, comprehensiveness and effort leverage.

End to End Services

AI Solutions are not only about building software programs that solves the target problem. It is about efficient hardware utilization, scalability and performance as well. This requires harmony between the built software and the infrastructure where this software operates. In the past this made AI only affordable to those who can afford operating such efficient and scalable infrastructure. For this reason, we offer services range that cover both aspects of ML either in premised or using cloud.


Building in house machine learning capacity is always requiring proper equipment, software and security considerations.

We are not only building T3 or T4 data centers for your in house machine learning projects, furthermore we train your team to operate, maintain and troubleshoot your infrastructure during the daily operations.


We architect, design, deploy and operate your AI solutions based on your specific requirements while maintaining high quality in software engineering, operations cost efficiency as well as utilization of top notch technologies.

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