Why do we write:

Writing is an essential part of our lives. We use it regularly whether we are typing to our co-workers, finishing essays, or even typing articles like this one. it’s a routine task we do for leisure or to attract massive audiences.
However, if we are deciding to attract a group of people we need to focus on subjects/topics that appeal to them. For instance, the impeachment inquiry that is an on-going subject trending in various media platforms.
Although this may seem like an important subject that everyone should be aware of, it isn’t for various audiences. Therefore, trying to attract those secluded few by writing an article about the impeachment inquiry will fall short in audience views and ratings. Consequently, this results in wasted resources, loss in productivity, and reduced engagement. For reference, check out this article on how to maximize your productivity with simple daily tips.


Article Planning:

Brainstorming is the first phase in writing a quality article and it should be for any type of content marketing strategy. Let’s begin by drawing out your audience’s interests. This usually ranges from lifestyle choices to their interests. Similarly to the Buyer’s Persona which allows us to understand our audience in great-depth by drawing an avatar with detailed characteristics.

These characteristics include hobbies, lifestyle, goals, and profession; each of these characteristics can be broken into categories. By performing this process you will be able to craft content ideas. However, it is important to remember what is relevant at the time you are brainstorming what is an eye-catching subject.

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By using our AI Feed tool you will be to analyze what topics are trending with various data graphing tools. As a result, you will be able to integrate various trendy subjects that correlate with your demographics.

Although, if you are still puzzled by which topic to choose. Therefore, we provide various resources to enhance your decision making without spending extensive amounts of time researching. We believe in data-driven results to provide you with the most effective content ideation strategy. Ultimately, we’ve crafted our analytics tool to suit all the publisher’s needs.


Visuals & Graphics:

However, it is imperative to include high-quality visuals in each of your content campaigns/strategies. For instance, high ranking blog posts usually include some form of visual. On the other hand, low ranking blog content is due to the lack of visuals integrated into each post. Resulting, low traffic drive, and even less web page visitors.

Therefore, blog owners need to understand what their audiences seek whether a personal blog or a blog surrounding ways to earn money online. Without the proper visuals, it won’t have the same effect as if you included a detailed video.  Even a social media post highlighting the significance of the article.

Ultimately, we must be able to draw our audience’s attention throughout an article, post, or video. With an unlimited choice of content, the search engine displays daily. So how do we stand out? What strategies can we employ that will make us more engaging?

Most people who start a blog already have a niche or a Unique Selling Proposition if you are selling goods or services. For example, many people blogging include various customized infographics that allow a user to understand comprehend data or concepts explained in an article.

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This information needs to be one of the building blocks when setting up your blog on a successful path. No matter what social network you are trying to attract, or if your article is about web hosting. Infographics are an important element of creating a blog that’s going to drive traffic.


Freebies & Other Resources:

We love free stuff right? Who doesn’t! It’s free after all! This is an important note to remember when creating any type of blog or content campaign.

In other words, this applies to all categories, from subject matter articles to free domain hosting sites blogs. No matter what your objectives are, you should always offer an incentive that demonstrates that you want to help/inform your audiences.

That is the underlying foundation for any business, to solve a problem while establishing a relationship. Fortunately, you can employ tactics to collect information like an email address when creating free content/resources. Various reputable bloggers, like Neil Patel, employ informational content to classify interested leads. One way to attract a user is by having attractive Call To Action (CTA) labels, icons, or pop-ups in your articles!

Although, these can be annoying, though if you fine-tune your approach by creating graphically appealing CTA’s and providing a nice incentive. This will result in higher conversions, more click-through rates, and eventually, you will have a trending article.




How do you evaluate if your article is performing as expected? Do we go in reverse chronological order? Or evaluate it bit- by – bit? What’s nice about technology is you don’t have to do that. AI Feed will evaluate your article and provide you with analytical data that you are able to review. Then you can break down this data and qualify all the metrics you have set for your article.

We believe in providing our customers with insightful tools that are intuitive to various tracking methods. Therefore, you will be able to quickly measure an article’s success without many resources wasted. In summary, you will be able to grow your audience substantially, grow long-term revenue, and expand your list of qualified leads.